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Hello blog. how are you? Did you get a new hair cut? No? Okay you just seam to have an extra bounce in your step. You don’t walk? Okay I must just be going crazy.

Yes that must be it. I am losing it. My sinus pain and post nasal drip has gone to my head… well it has always been in my head… but to my brain.

Okay Sorry you are reading such a crazed blogger’s blog. My spell check is telling me blogger’s is not grammatically correct term. But doesn’t a blogger own their blog? So in turn it is the blogger’s blog, right? Gah why am I straining my brain over this little matter?

I fail. I just want you to know that. I don’t know what to talk about. I have been leaving you with short pointless posts, and not very frequent for that matter. When i do post I complain. Why? I think I could use some bedj like passionateforword’s marissa. But i’m going on a weeklong trip and can’t do that. Oh noes. Well this blog is another fail. I appoligize for that. I am planning on beds (blog every day September) so look forward to that… but until then.. idk your stuck with this.

WA WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’m going to try and turn over a new leaf with this blog post.

Oh new leaf, you are very pretty! So green. And your red veins!

Gah nvm

Good bye road of underconstruction

Hello world of blog readers!

Today is Saterday. Today is when having no social life, well, basicly sucks a big one. I’m sitting in the living room, with, yup you guessed it, a laptop, typing my blog. I guess it is only 10 AM and most humans in my age range are probly in sleepy-time mode.

Today I’m stopping taking the ever-so-strong (not to mention lovely) pain killers. I’m now stepping down to ibroprofin, which is not so strong and lovely, and still leaves some pain. But on the bright side, I’m not drowsy any more! 🙂

Okay I want to talk to you about somthing. Okay write to you about somthing.


I think that the smile shortcut is very cute, and just adds a little pizzaz to a blog entry. But WordPress went and made the nice little (: into an evil grin :)! Their little cartoon smile is not cute. It just makes me think of diobolical plans to take over the world. Not that I have any such thing, but you gleam my meaning! 🙂

Yesterday I was curtious enough to take some nice pictures for you, blog of mine, but why haven’t I posted any yet? I can’t find the cord for my cammera. I am SOOO looking forward to having a cammera attatched to my computer. Once I do this blog will have way more pictures, and will probly lose the few views it has.

Right now, frankly, I am in pain. Not horrible pain, but GAH THIS IS ANNOYING pain. So I am going to leave you at that.

-Under Construction is the Game-

-Marina is the name-

Heyaaa!!!! I’m in a creative mood! Do you ever get these like URGES to blog? I used to always get these urges, lets call them creative urges, to do somthing. Now that I blog I can feed those urges with BLOGGING! (big suprise, huh)

I feel like being creative RRRRIGHT NOW. like posting pictures or somthing super fantasticly fun for you guys to look at. OH OH OH I GOT IT

hehehe, if found him, can you?

hehehe, if found him, can you?

 Ik it’s super teensy weensy but i could find him even with the smallness, so get to work! I love where’s waldo! I was at Target the other day waiting for my mom to buy a new book, and looking at the children’s books (which I love to do) and I was trying to find waldo! Isn’t Waldo amazing? I want to name my first son Waldo and buy him a white and red striped hat, then play hide and seek with him, when he is older of course, so he doesn’t roll over and kill himself…

3 more days of school!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, no pessimistic thoughts about school. Nope, just that its almost over. And no Science final! YAYA.

GAH I want to run around in circles, but i can’t type, and run around, and think, all at the same time. I can multi task, but not that much!!! So I noticed I kind of started somthing, and never continued. The whole novel thing. Well I’ve found I’m REALLY good at starting novels. Okay not really good, but moderetly okay. But then once I have to get past a page, I give up. If anyone wants to write a novel and wants to put my name on it for writing the first page, just tell me I’ll send you a few beganings of storys! hehe.

I’ve been running out of ideas alot lately. i useally try and make my blog posts over 600 words. but I’ve been running out of juice at around 300 =(. That makes me sad (hence the sad face)

-thats it, sorry.


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