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Hello blog. how are you? Did you get a new hair cut? No? Okay you just seam to have an extra bounce in your step. You don’t walk? Okay I must just be going crazy.

Yes that must be it. I am losing it. My sinus pain and post nasal drip has gone to my head… well it has always been in my head… but to my brain.

Okay Sorry you are reading such a crazed blogger’s blog. My spell check is telling me blogger’s is not grammatically correct term. But doesn’t a blogger own their blog? So in turn it is the blogger’s blog, right? Gah why am I straining my brain over this little matter?

I fail. I just want you to know that. I don’t know what to talk about. I have been leaving you with short pointless posts, and not very frequent for that matter. When i do post I complain. Why? I think I could use some bedj like passionateforword’s marissa. But i’m going on a weeklong trip and can’t do that. Oh noes. Well this blog is another fail. I appoligize for that. I am planning on beds (blog every day September) so look forward to that… but until then.. idk your stuck with this.

WA WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’m going to try and turn over a new leaf with this blog post.

Oh new leaf, you are very pretty! So green. And your red veins!

Gah nvm

Good bye road of underconstruction


HeyGirlHey! 😉
So this morning, my mom and me had an interesting incounter:

we had some Jahova (sp?) witnesses come to the door about 2 hours ago. and i was in the kitchen and yelled to my mom “SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR CAN YOU GET IT CUZ I’M NOT DRESSED” forgetting the screen door was wide open so they could hear me. so then my mom yells, “BUT I DON”T HAVE MY TEETH IN” so she put them in and got the door and they where laughing.

This is a blog draft from May 30th. I don’t remember not posting it, but I guess it wasn’t posted. I guess I was planning to add to it later but never did. I have alot I COULD talk about, but even more that I’m not going to talk about. That’s the thing with blogging, you always have more you don’t blog about then you blog about, if that makes sense. i mean in one blog post you couldn’t cover the whole dictionary, every detail in your house, your favorite bird calls, or the song stuck in your head. It just isn’t possible, believe it or not. unless you want each of your blog post to be bigger and longer than those huge dictionaries that you only ever find at the library or on tv.

I’m now off to eat some stuffed bell peppers! YUMMO (;

My road is under construction, is yours?


p.s. Dying my hair with some fun soon, look forward to pictures!


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