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I’m a night owl, and I’m not just one of those teenagers who stay up late and just says they are. I really am. How do I know this? I will refer to a post my friend Michelle posted awhile ago. She talked about how she is a morning bird, and the morning just rejuvenates her. I’m the same way, just with night. To take a walk at night all alone for me is just the best. The night air, with still a hint of humidity, but cool enough to not be uncomfortable. I mean, I have been outside early in the morning, I mean who hasn’t had to bike to school before the sun rises? Okay well maybe those of you who live more than 2 miles from your school, but then at the least walked to the bus stop? Okay, got a few more of you on board with that one.

I have to interrupt this blog my telling you that today is Grissom’s birthday. He is now 2 years old. I am now sitting outside, and he crawled under my perched legs and then jumped up onto the patio furniture and is now giving himself a bath next to me. I need to capture this moment, YES, PICTURE TIME!!
Picture 414
Yes, we are kissing. I forgot to give him his birthday kiss earlier. I’m also sorry for the HORRIBLE lighting, but hey, I’m outside, and it’s 11 o’clock at night, what do you expect.

Okay, now back to the night owl stuff. Okay, sorry Grissom distracted me. I have nothing. Well hey, it’s a post, right? Better than nothing?

Commenter of the day:
Michelle, for her nerdyness

Question of the day:
Are you a morning owl, or a night owl?

Grissom is now sitting on the chair opposite me cleaning his toes. I can just see his eyes and his white body parts, it’s so cute! ^.^

Okay, now I’ve played “Party in the USA” By Miley Cyrus 10 times since I downloaded it a few hours ago, guilty pleasure much?

Sorry for the scatterbrain-ness!

-The road to success is always underconstruction

Hi Hi!

So today i’m blogging for one reason, and that will be at the end. For now I get to ramble on about nothing of importance. I have no idea what to ramble on about. How about rambling? Rambling is a way to drag somthing out so it will last longer. One might do it on a date to spend more time with the person. Another reason one might ramble is because they are nervous. I do this alot, but that is not why I am rambling right now. According to ramble means: Going on and on about a stupid and worthless subject that no ones interested in anyway

How was that, a ramble about rambling? I think its pretty nifty.

*the crowd goes wild*
HOLD ON! What crowd?
Okay, moving forward

This is my kitty hugging a moose

This is my kitty hugging a moose


That is my cat, Grissom hugging a moose, burt. I took this while talking to Nora (found at ). Nora also gave me the moose!

No excuses. I haven’t blogged in awhile. Its summer, and I had surgery, and have been feeling like crap, and basicly, just haven’t felt any of my “creative urges.” To tell you the truth, I’m only blogging now because I feel a little guilty for not blogging. Is it bad to feel guilty for not writing on a website, that only has 216 hits? I guess it probly is. Gosh darnit.

So getting the wisdom teeth out went good I guess. I’ve been pretty sore for awhile, and drowsy from the medicine. I’m not good at taking naps unless I’m puking, fever sick, so I’ve just been going to bed early and sleeping in a little later. The actual surgery was amazing. It was like a different world. Probly from all the drugs and stuff, but I kind of understand why people like to get high. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start doing drugs, but I understand why one might do them. I don’t think its worth the side effects though. I told them I’m scarred of needles, even though I’m not as bad as I used to be, and they gave me laughing gas to get through one shot so I would be really tired when they did the IV. I’m really glad I told them that, cuz once I came to and was on in the car I found 5 spots where they tried to get an IV started, If I would of been awake I would of been freaking, just cuz i hate having more than 1 poke, and my mom wasn’t allowed in the room.

My cat, Grissom got hurt on Monday. I don’t know exactly what happened. All I know is that he has a wound on his right back leg, and he was limping Monday-Wed. He’s fine now, and licking it alot. I didn’t find the actual wound until this morning, cuz he was hissing at me when I got close.

Right now I’m hot, sweaty, drowsy, and in pain. I have grapes ready on farmtown. (I’m addicted to that game) So i’m going to go. Sorry Yeah its kind of a short post. But i’m glad I got this much out. I thought it would end up being like a 75 word blog, instead of a 400ish word blog!

Under construction (like always, blah blah blah)

p.s. I get to see Fireworks tomarrow! Yay!

p.p.s. i have over a fourth of the money I need for a macbook!

p.p.p.s. This blog is now 418 words!


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