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HeyGirlHey! 😉
So this morning, my mom and me had an interesting incounter:

we had some Jahova (sp?) witnesses come to the door about 2 hours ago. and i was in the kitchen and yelled to my mom “SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR CAN YOU GET IT CUZ I’M NOT DRESSED” forgetting the screen door was wide open so they could hear me. so then my mom yells, “BUT I DON”T HAVE MY TEETH IN” so she put them in and got the door and they where laughing.

This is a blog draft from May 30th. I don’t remember not posting it, but I guess it wasn’t posted. I guess I was planning to add to it later but never did. I have alot I COULD talk about, but even more that I’m not going to talk about. That’s the thing with blogging, you always have more you don’t blog about then you blog about, if that makes sense. i mean in one blog post you couldn’t cover the whole dictionary, every detail in your house, your favorite bird calls, or the song stuck in your head. It just isn’t possible, believe it or not. unless you want each of your blog post to be bigger and longer than those huge dictionaries that you only ever find at the library or on tv.

I’m now off to eat some stuffed bell peppers! YUMMO (;

My road is under construction, is yours?


p.s. Dying my hair with some fun soon, look forward to pictures!


Ohh, I’m sorry! I hope you can forgive me for being stuch a bad bloggist the last few days. I have no excuses really. Well I do for last night but other than that it’s just lazyness. On Wed. I had a pretty good day at school considering the imature people who go there only since the law requires it. After school I had art club which is fun and brightens my day. After art club my bff and her mom brought another art clubian and me out to eat at a Thai restraunt. It was amazing! I had like 15 cheese wontons! Her mom after dropped me off at home. I had a concert that night and about 40 minutes until I had to be there. Walking up to the door lied a Girl Scout thin mint box. I was very confused in why it was there seeing I quit Girl Scouts last year. But low and behold it was my package from Nora! I grabbed it and ran inside with a scissors in hand ready to rip it open, when my mom stops me and makes me make some calls to people she said I’d return calls to. (now i am glad she did since otherwise I wouldn’t of recorded the opening!) I then grabbed the box, scissors, and my cammera and ran up stairs. I got dressed for the concert, did my hair, and turned the cammera on. I opened the box and it made me ooooh so happy! As soon as I was done opening it, it was time to leave for the concert. I had to bring the paper airplane and the regular letter part of the package in the car so I could read it on the way there. Once at the concert Mr. Dewitt assigns “little band” (a group of 15 9th graders who aren’t in choir) chairs to set up after Jazz Band played. We where told it was a 10 minute intermission inwhich we had to set it up in. I then as soon and fast as possible escape the group and talk to my 10th grade friends in Symphonic Band. I then watch the concert with my buddy Sammy, Hiedi, and Andre (some of the few 9th graders I can stand to talk too). When it comes time for Jazz Band to play we get ready to set up. As soon as they finish their 3rd and final song we start setting up. I, along with 2 other girls where in charge of the first row which we finished fast so we started helping the larger rows. It went good for the first 5 minutes. Then when starting to help with the 5th and last row I start looking for the people who are in charge of it and who know how many chairs and stand need to be in it. They where NO WHERE to be found, looking around more, out of the 15 people in little band there are 5 left that are still setting up. So we have to ask the band director who is busy enough how many is needed. Then the 4 girls and 1 boy left start running like chickens with our heads cut off trying to fit all the chairs and stands in, along with all the percussion equipment. By the time we are done it has been 27 minutes, somthing that could of been 10 IF the everyone would of actually helped. The 5 of us are pretty ticked and sweating from the hot stage and from running around with chairs and stands. We then get into the band room to line up and find all of symphonic band, the people who are just in “big band” and the rest of “little band.” I poke one of them and say WHERE WERE YOU???? and she said our row was done and all the stands where set up so I thought we could leave. They where on the fifth row which when she left had 12 chairs and 0 stands out of 34 chairs and 17 stands. Lets just say that was not an enjoyable concert! After the concert and the ride home where I complained and, may I say, Bitched the whole way home about it. I then got home and calmed down. I finished Paper Towns *Squeel* and Started One Wish, a book sent by nora. i’m almost half done at the moment! This morning when my mom woke me up. My cat was laying in front of me and  was holding Burt (a moose in Nora’s package). My mom picks up Burt and said, “I could bearly pick out which one was the cat and which one was Burt.” It made me laugh.


Sorry for the depressing rambling after just having short crappy posts!


Hey readers!

Sorry I haven’t posted for 4 days! But I really haven’t had time. So why don’t I catch you up on my weekend?

On friday, as many of you know I headed off for Duluth. 4 hour trip there. We checked into the hotel and then  went out to eat at Grandma’s Restraunt. I had the best broccli i’ve EVER had there. It was amazing! Then we got back to the hotel and I was going to put my battery in my cammera. But it wasn’t in my pocket anymore, it wasn’t in the car, it wasn’t in the hotel! It had fallen out of my pocket somewhere inbetween Grandma’s and the hotel. The next day we had breakfast at the Greenery. After that we went on a quest for a new cammera. Now I’m not that spoiled, and useally would not get a cammera a day after I lost my old one, but we where on a vacation and my mom was going to see some friends she hasn’t seen for along time and she wanted pictures of it! So my new cammera is 12.1 megapixel Sony Coolpix. I love it! Great quality! Then we went out and had lunch with my mom’s old friend at a Thai restraunt! It was very good food! Here is a picture of us back at her friend’s house:

my mom, her friend, and me

my mom, her friend, and me


We then drove around town and looked at our old houses and visited my old daycare lady! After that we went too a shopping mall and shopped around. I got an awesome necklace that resembles the LOVE statue in NYC. We then went back to the hotel and got ready for the benifit. It was a fun filled night with more thai food! After that we went back to the hotel and watched some movies. The next day we went to Porter’s for breakfast. I had marvelous Super Cinnamon french toast with skillet browned potatos! After that we headed home. On our way home we stopped at Toby’s and got some muffins and went to the bathroom. When we were an hour away from home we stopped at a barnes and noble! I then finally got:

I got Yellow Margo! YAY

I got Yellow Margo! YAY


Then we went home and I TRIED to make a youtube video with my new cammera but I had a very short attention span and it did not go well!

Sorry if this bored you! But I like it! SO 😛


I Love you readers!


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