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This last month I’ve been way more into music that I have been. I’ve always loved music, don’t get me wrong, but there is a difference between loving music, and enjoying it. Recently I’ve been listening, and ENJOYING it, picking apart the words and finding the meanings in it, feeling the base beat through my ear drums, and actually finding it hard to move away from it to do simple things like bathe, or eat. The last few months I’ve been listening to it more and more, starting to enjoy it more. Listening to old songs and for the first time, really hearing it, understanding the words for the practical sense, and not just the literal.

For example, in a Hillary Duff song that I still have memorized, I used to think the lyrics “flying across the floor” meant that you found a slippery floor, laid down on it, and slid like a penguin. Now 16 year old Marina understands it’s more the feeling of “flying” when you have a crush, and that person makes you feel like you can fly, not that you are literally flying. I’ve found I could do this for a lot of my favorite songs in Elementary School. (Well probably not “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas, I don’t think there is much more meaning behind that one other than boobs and butts.)

Today I went through and found my old CDs. (yes CDs, not mp3s stored on a flash drive XD [okay that wasn’t funny, I need to stop trying to be funny, gah.]) I’ve actually only uploaded two to my iTunes, Let Go from Avril Lavigne, and Metamorphoses by Hillary Duff. Thinking about it, I think I should upload Britney Spears cd “Oops I did It Again” too, but that’s beyond the point. I do have other old Cds, but those aren’t as deep, like the Lizzie Mcquire show soundtrack, and the movie soundtrack, and Rugrats in Paris isn’t very deep either. (Am I saying Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, and Avril are deep? Oh wow, I just mean there is a deeper meaning than what I saw when I first heard them.)

With this re-falling in love with Music thing, I’m consider getting a new mp3 player/ipod. If I did, it would be an iPod, since those just last longer, and I think I would get an iTouch, since then there is twitter, and facebook, and WORDPRESS, that I can use on my WiFi, oh and the games :). In the last week I’ve gone from 2.5 hours of music on iTunes to 10 hours. I still haven’t even got much Wiz Rock on there yet, since I haven’t finished the 7th book, and the cds I want have spoilers on some of the songs. (I’ve been really looking at The Butterbeer Experience’s album Accio Hot Guy lately.) So wouldn’t it only make sense for me to have a good way to bring my music with me here and there. I do have an mp3 player, but it’s old, and has been banged around a lot, and I can’t always get music on it. It works, but it is also only 4 gb. I think I’ll just wait till I have all 4 gb used, and/or the iTouch comes out with a camera.

Okay, I think that’s it blog readers!

-The road to success is always under construction.


G’day Mate!

I love digging up old keep sakes! They bring back such old good memorys. Today I found an old box that contained; a pokemon coin from 1999,
Pokemon Coin!

a ring with a 1907 (replicated) penny on it, and my old marble collection. But today I’m going to only touch on one of those subjects, being pokemon.

Pokemon used to me a very large part of my life. I got my first two decks from my Grandpa for Christmas in Kindergarten. I also got a Pokeball with a golden Pikachu card in it. I practiced setting up games on my little plastic mat and got anyone and everyone to play with me. I remember playing late into the night (at that time was probably around 8:30 pm) with our foreign exchange student, her using one deck and me using the other.

After awhile I lost the cards. Pokemon where out and Yugio was in, and no one wanted to play with me anymore. I never lost my passion for Pokemon, it just hibernated for awhile. I never got into Yugio, I didn’t like how expensive it got. I did however get into the Crazy Bone craze. Do any of you remember crazy bones? They where cheaply made plastic blobs with faces that you would flick at each other to knock the opponents down.

OKAY back to the Pokemon talk. My love was again rekindled when I bought the ruby version of the game boy advance pokemon game. I played it for hours. I would make new characters and start over, and just loved it! I brought my old cards back out of the closet and organized them since everyone was more interested in the video game then the card game. My love then again went into another hibernation.

After a move and a few more years I met a friend who loved pokemon. She had two decks and we would duel each other.  Once I got home I looked and looked for my old cards only to find them to of been lost during the move. I then went to the store and bought a starter pack and started to get my deck prepared for my next battle. I went to garage sales and bought some powerful trainers and bought mini card packs to add to my collection. I battled this friend several times over 3 years.

She has since moved away. I still have some Pokemon talks, and know the exact location of my cards, but haven’t pulled them out for a good dual very recently. Hopefully I will find another friend with my love for Pokemon and we can duel late into the hours of 8:30. 😀


p.s. when my spell check wants to correct pokemon, it has parachutist as an option. Oh spell checker, you have so much of awesome yet that isn’t in your dictionary!

p.p.s. Today I was at the store looking for games for my Gameboy Advance to find they are no longer manufactured! That is depressing!


Yesterday I found my greatest love! No not a boy (even though there was a hot boy at the 4th party) but for; Yes you probly didn’t guess it (unless your Marissa) CORN SNAKES!!!!!!!!!

You wouldn’t BELIVE how much I LOVE these little things. My soon to be cousin asked me if I wanted to see her snake. I wasn’t all to exited but figured, why not? I went down to her room with her and she picked it up. It was orange, yellow, and red. My cousin asked if I wanted to hold her, and I did. While talking I held that lovely snake for about 10 minutes. The second I had to give it back I was planning how to talk my mom into letting me get one.

There, an obsession was born! Ever since then I have been looking at pictures of these beautiful snakes. My mom was tottaly not into the idea at first. Now I have been spurting out all this information on them and how easy they are to take care of and she knows I am really serious about this!

We are still getting rid of our cat, Grissom. She said so today. I am sad about that, but the one and only good thing about it is that it will help talk my mom into getting me the snake.

Now, after talking about all these snakes, I want to go back on the forums at and look at pictures and learn more about them!

Bye lovely readers!

AHHH! Really? 4 days since I posted a blog, and it was a short one at that. I have no excuses. Okay, yes I do. My computer isn’t charging one bit, it used to here and there but now it isn’t, and I’m a lazy sophmore on summer vacation not wanting to go into the basement on the slow computer. But I finally did out of guilt.

So other than school is done, nothing really is new. I’m 24 WHOLE dollars closer to my macbook, is that of any interest to you? Oh I got a cell phone today. its just a tracfone but its amazing. It’s a slider. So if you know my irl, or if you know me well enough that I have your numbers allready (Nora and Marissa) ask me for my #!

So today I got a 24 pack of sharpie markers! They are AMAZING. I’ve been really into sharpie art lately, so I begged my mom for this pack and she got it! Now instead of just having silver, black, and blue I have 17 other colors, plus limited edition cafe colors that are so pretty and amazing. If it wasn’t for me being lazy I would so take a picture of them for you!

Today I was at culvers and got 2 quarts of frozen custard for after surgery. I’m kind of exited for this surgery. I’m going to be pampered. The only bad part is that its before a big town fair, and I can’t play flute in the marching band, I get to be a lame banner holder. WOO-Hoo. not.

When I was exitedly opening up my sharpie box I got a deep cardboard cut  on my finger. =(. I’m a bandade addict and it is really ackwardly placed on my finger.

I’m a big believer in bandages. You may ask yourself “How would someone not believe in bandages? I mean they’re solid things that are there!” Well I think they, like time, heals all wounds. Bandaids just make you feel better. I’ve used a bandade after getting in a fight with a friend, just cuz it was a source of a smile! Okay, no I haven’t. that was a lie. But I promise you, next fight I get in, I’ll use a bandage to heal it! 😀

So I’m going to go play dress up! love you!


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