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I’m in the mood for some omegle! I’ve never done an omegle blog before on My Road, so I’ll tell you the basics:

  • you talk to strangers

That is about the basics of it. It’s not as creepy as it sounds. It’s entertaining.


Stranger: hi
You: heyyya
Stranger: how are you?
You: good. you??
Stranger: im ok thank you
Stranger: where are you from
You: Nerdfighteria
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
awww What’s wrong with Nerdfigheria?

Stranger: supermac18?
You: That guy is amazing. but i am not him
Stranger: damn
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
They don’t know what they are missing!
I then have three conversations in a row where I ask “Do you happen to be a nerdfighter?” and the person leaves as soon as that is sent

You: Do you happen to be a nerdfighter?
Stranger: yes
You: amazing!
Stranger: lol yay
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
I think they forgot tba
Stranger: ?
You: don’t forget to be awesome!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
aww pore sole!

Stranger: hi
You: Ello9
Stranger: oops sorry
hahaha. what is oops?
Okay that’s about good for now. I think I keep getting the same pervert. I hope you enjoyed by omegle antics 😀
-Peace and I’m out
p.s. blog 5 days in the row ftw

Hey readers!

Sorry I haven’t posted for 4 days! But I really haven’t had time. So why don’t I catch you up on my weekend?

On friday, as many of you know I headed off for Duluth. 4 hour trip there. We checked into the hotel and then  went out to eat at Grandma’s Restraunt. I had the best broccli i’ve EVER had there. It was amazing! Then we got back to the hotel and I was going to put my battery in my cammera. But it wasn’t in my pocket anymore, it wasn’t in the car, it wasn’t in the hotel! It had fallen out of my pocket somewhere inbetween Grandma’s and the hotel. The next day we had breakfast at the Greenery. After that we went on a quest for a new cammera. Now I’m not that spoiled, and useally would not get a cammera a day after I lost my old one, but we where on a vacation and my mom was going to see some friends she hasn’t seen for along time and she wanted pictures of it! So my new cammera is 12.1 megapixel Sony Coolpix. I love it! Great quality! Then we went out and had lunch with my mom’s old friend at a Thai restraunt! It was very good food! Here is a picture of us back at her friend’s house:

my mom, her friend, and me

my mom, her friend, and me


We then drove around town and looked at our old houses and visited my old daycare lady! After that we went too a shopping mall and shopped around. I got an awesome necklace that resembles the LOVE statue in NYC. We then went back to the hotel and got ready for the benifit. It was a fun filled night with more thai food! After that we went back to the hotel and watched some movies. The next day we went to Porter’s for breakfast. I had marvelous Super Cinnamon french toast with skillet browned potatos! After that we headed home. On our way home we stopped at Toby’s and got some muffins and went to the bathroom. When we were an hour away from home we stopped at a barnes and noble! I then finally got:

I got Yellow Margo! YAY

I got Yellow Margo! YAY


Then we went home and I TRIED to make a youtube video with my new cammera but I had a very short attention span and it did not go well!

Sorry if this bored you! But I like it! SO 😛


I Love you readers!

HI BLOGGY! I’m glad I’m writing this now and not an hour and a half ago. I have a draft of todays blog. it was depressing. Lets say I had a notsome day with lots of imature people, freshman and teachers alike. But i’m not notsome now so, BLOG STOP BRINGING ME BACK TO THAT MOOD! So today I’ve been mood swinging alot. Okay since I got home I have been. So I thought i would take a chance to write a list (more of a list and explanation of each item on the list) of everything that makes me happy and or smile!

  • My online friends: Nora and Marissa you two are my best online friends ever! Okay i’ve only had 2 before you that lasted more than like an hour but STILL! You both know how to make me smile. marissa and your optimism! Nora and your awesome ideas! I’m so exited for our book exchange! I’m exited for both of your letters! You both can expect a little somthing that isn’t just the letter (book for Nora) in your mail boxes around the middle to end of next week!
  • Lunch Period: My Sophmore friends are amazing! I went to lunch today all notsome and barely talking. How did I leave lunch you might ask. I left it smiling and laughing to myself!
  • Video Productions: Useally this would make me feel notsome. But now I’m editing a video with my bestie in it and she just got so into her role that its hillarious. It was intended to be a drama, but she, she with her marvolous acting skills turned it into more of a comedy. I always have people peeking over my shoulder seeing what the grunting and evil laughing is!
  • Visiting old friends/family: does this need explanation

okay i’m getting distracted now by planning for this weekend! I hope You enjoyed


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