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Hi Hi!

So today i’m blogging for one reason, and that will be at the end. For now I get to ramble on about nothing of importance. I have no idea what to ramble on about. How about rambling? Rambling is a way to drag somthing out so it will last longer. One might do it on a date to spend more time with the person. Another reason one might ramble is because they are nervous. I do this alot, but that is not why I am rambling right now. According to ramble means: Going on and on about a stupid and worthless subject that no ones interested in anyway

How was that, a ramble about rambling? I think its pretty nifty.

*the crowd goes wild*
HOLD ON! What crowd?
Okay, moving forward

This is my kitty hugging a moose

This is my kitty hugging a moose


That is my cat, Grissom hugging a moose, burt. I took this while talking to Nora (found at ). Nora also gave me the moose!


We’ve all heard the quote “The only mistakes in life are the ones we don’t learn from” Well what if we didn’t learn from our mistakes?

Thats one of the things that bugs me, when people make the same mistakes over and over and over, and are yet to learn from them. There is this one kid in my school. He has gone through 5 groups of friends since 5th grade. Now that doesn’t sound that bad when you think about it. But that would be if some of those groups were from “natural” drifting. Well its not. He keeps making the same mistake with his friends over and over. He gets very clingy with the group, way to early into the friendship. Then when you try and push him away a little and catch a breath he just grabs on tighter. When he clings on to you, he is like a leech. He grabs onto you and tries to pull you up and down with him with all the bumps in his life. And since of course he can’t be with you 24/7 whenever he isn’t with the new “victums” he is out telling everyone he can that they are his best friends. This whole thing is so early in the friend ship that it freaks you out, and you end up telling him that you just want to be aquintences(sp?) but he then again he just grabs on tighter. You get so annoyed with this by now that you start getting cruel to get him off. He gets a little offened and will let go for alittle while, but he will be back. This cycle continues. Until you can’t stand it and you have to tottally bash him for him to understand that you don’t want to be friends.

Now this boy has done this with 4 groups of friends and is working on the 5th. Because of this cycle he has many enemys, and ends up getting hurt. If he would just learn from his mistakes, he might be able to avoid it.

okay rant over.



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