Ladies and gentlemen, this is not Marina. It is an impostor. An impostor has taken over the channel and everything will be different from now on. Actually, I’m kidding. Marina will be back next post and I will return to my hiding place, forever alone. *dramatic crying* (Voice off in the distance) STOP YOUR WHINING, YOU GREAT LUMP! Okay, okay, I am sorry. Jeez, harsh much? Anyways, what was I saying? Yes, I do realize I can go up a few sentences and read, I’m not an ignoramus. Ah, right, impostor talk. Yes, I am an impostor. Marina cannot post her blog tonight because ALL OF THE INTERNETS are down in her state! Isn’t that awful? See, that would make me lose my mind. Actually, no it wouldn’t, I’d curl up with a good book and some coffee and go to town, but still, it’s a sad sad thing. Marina is without internet in her lowly state, and she asked me to fill in. I was honored, of course, and jumped at the chance. So, here I am!

You’re probably wondering who I am, aren’t you? Well, I’m not going to tell you. For multiple reasons. The first being that it’s probably completely obvious and you probably knew from the first line, but the second being it’s fun to be elusive and secretive. So moving right along, to the festivities of the evening!
I thought that it would be fun to tell you guys some things about Marina that you may not know. Some you may know, depending on how well you know our good pal Marina, but you can just sit there and pretend. (That was a little harsher than intended, you have my deepest apologies.)

1. The first thing that you should know about Marina is that she enjoys taking baths. This may be somewhat of an uncomfortable fact for you to swallow, but you need to. Because this is a fact that defines Marina to the very core. It means she is a calm, relaxed person. But she also likes to have fun, which can be explained by bubbles in a bubble bath.
2. Marina may have mentioned this in passing, but I thought I’d explain it a bit more thoroughly. Marina is obsessed, in love, and extremely good at a game on Facebook by the name of Farm Town. In a nutshell, Farm Town is a game where you plant delicious fruits and veggies, meet wonderful neighbors, and be jolly in the pineapple fields. She has gotten me a tad bit obsessed with it, and it pains me deeply that I cannot be checking on my rice crops, which are due to be harvested. I am in a car at the moment. Please acknowledge my ability to type whilst on a bumpy car ride. Thank you.
3. The final thing you might possibly get a hint of when you think about Marina, but not fully know, is that Marina is a fabulous friend. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a crappy day, being degraded by IRL friends and family, and just gotten comforted by Marina’s eternal kindness and spunk. Between her enthusiasm for pets and her unwavering hilarity, she is truly one of the kindest people I know.
And I am proud to call her one of my very best friends.

Readers, commenters, and casual glancers, it is time to say goodbye. I know, you are heartbroken. I am too, of course, but everything has to end. It’s been a pleasure.
And Marina? Hopefully, we’ll see you tomorrow. ❤