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The first punishment. Here is a picture I took of the drawing:
first punishment
You won’t believe how relieved I was, seeing the only other one was running around outside with under wear on my head, and my neighbors are all outside. So now I get to write about M.

Marissa and me met through Nora. I found Nora on youtube, and we became friends, then I saw she would hang around with this crazy girl, and I thought she was pretty cool, so I added her on facebook, and then the worlded exploded with awesomeness.

Marissa is Miss. Tuesday on thesexymacaroni. Her videos are all pretty humorous, and so are the rest of the sexy elbow noodles, so go subscribe now.

Marissa is a computer genious. She is the one who taught me how to zip and unzip files. She also helped me get back all of the music I lost on itunes.

Marissa loves this band called Owl City. She loves all music. Well she loves everything, other than feet. I wonder if I drew a snake on my foot if she would love my foot. Marissa, can you give us your input on that? k, thanks!

Marissa is in this wonderful thing called nerdfighterlike with this boy she met on the ning. His name is Zach. He has a yahoo, and that is just about all I know about him other than he has black curly hair. This blog is not about this Zach character, but about Marissa.

Marissa and I have these epic late night msn convos. Half the time her side of the conversation is in captital letters, and is plainly awesome. We talk about everything from her parents, to her love of creatures, to wrock, to vegetarianism, and everything beyond and between those. We also talk about Degrassi: The Next Generation alot. Those conversations are very entertaining on my side because I useally know what is going to happen, and she doesn’t, and she freaks out. Then I get confused because her reaction is histerical and yet I’m like OH NO THIS HORRIBLE THING JUST HAPPENED ON DEGRASSI! If you get what I’m saying.

What else can I say about this nerdfighter? Her last name is BEEEEEP, and her address is BEEEEP. Now go stalk her ;).

I will now end this post with a picture of the previously mentioned dawg.
Yes that is how she always looks. Her style is very simular to the robbers in the movies, or she is goth, I’m not sure which.

-Marissa’s road to success is always under construction

p.s. new page! hit it up!


It is: What is your favorite creature?
Mine is my cat Grissom at the moment, seeing he is tired and sleepy and cute!
The featured commenter from before is Marissa of course, since this post is about her! (her favorite food was Italian)

Yesterday was my first day in making a blog for quite a few days. I was a little out of whack, and excited to be back to it. Within that excitement I forgot about the question of the day! :O I’m glad that it has come to something that it is left out all my comments point it out! I love you readers! I also decided that when I leave it out, you, my readers, get to decide a punishment for me. Since this is a written blog it should be along the lines of something I have to write about, but I suppose I could post a picture if you wanted me to draw a eye liner mustache on my face. I also should specify that it’s just days on I post a blog, not everyday. So, LEAVE YOUR PUNISHMENTS IN THE COMMENT! I will draw one out of a hat sometime after 5 central time on Sunday.

The comment answer from my last question of the day (What is your favorite 90’s-early 2000’s cartoon?) is Nora. All 4 of the shows she mentioned I have fond memories with (Rugrats, AH! Real Monsters, Wild Thornberrys, Hey! Arnold!) I love how she went into such detail with Arnold’s hat. Does anybody remember the episode where Helga got laughing gas at a dentist appointment then called Arnold and confessed her love, then sneaking into his house to get the tape?

Today’s question of the day is, “What country has your favorite food style?” Wow that was really weird to word. Mine is China/Thai. I just love the soy sauce taste. I am eating white rice with soy sauce right now for that matter.

-The road to success is always under construction!

p.s. Don’t forget to put a punishment and answer the question in your comment!

I’m back!!!
    I was actually back yesterday, but far too tired to actually write a “quality” blog post. Does my small cute loving little audience want to hear about my camping trip? If you do please tell me in the comments, because I won’t waist anybodies time if no one wants to know.
    Yesterday upon returning home both my mom and me both cleaned up, unpacked a little, and then drove to the closest town with a best buy (evil grin.) We walked to the section with a sign hovering over it reading something along the lines of “Home Computers.” Yes, you smart reader, you figured it out, WE GOT MY NEW LAPTOP! It’s all black, and beautiful, and has great audio. If you want to know more about the laptop I got it is a Dell Inspiron 15.
        Okay I just left for a little while to eat and try and take time to think of more blog ideas. In this time I decided to check out windows live writer. It’s for blog posting from your computer. It’s… different, that’s for sure. I like how there is more room to type than that little box on wordpress. The beginning of this blog was was typed in Works, just to try something different. I am not typing this blog on WordPress anymore though. I’m back to using IE on this new computer, and there is no spell check. Oh sweet! I just found this sweet little button called “preview.” I click it and I can see what this amazing post will look like once on WordPress. 
     I can’t really think of anything else to say. So far I suggest using Windows Live Writer, It’s a lot like doing it on a document but you can html it right on here and add pictures without downloading them, and it’s just pretty darn amazing!

The road to success is always under construction.

AHH! This is the last post I will have until next Friday or Saturday! Sadface 😦
BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully next time I will be on my computer I am getting on Friday! YAY! You can all clap and cheer as you wish!

Tomorrow I am heading out on an epic camping trip with my mother. We’re going to go fishing and it’s just going to be epic and amazing and GAH! That is why I won’t be able to post for awhile! But when I come back it will be epic and great, and will blow your brains out! Okay don’t let it do that, since then all my viewers will be dead and the blog will soon after die! Which isn’t good, believe it or not.

This post = fail. I’m sorry. I just wanted to let you know I will be gone! But when I come back epicness will be here! Why not a picture? Yes a picture! How about me being the world’s sexiest maid?

Epic, huh?

Nora from junkinmahcranium is the featured commenter from last time! It was quite deep, even though I don’t have it memorized to type here! Go check that Blonde gangster!

AND TODAY’S QUESTION (drum roll please)
What is your favorite old cartoon from the ’90’s to early 2000’s?

Mine would probably be Doug. He was amazing! With his crush Phoebe! I love that name

Answer with your answer in the comments yo!

p.s. Sorry you’ll only understand the salutation if you where in Beauty and the Beast with me, and none of you where, sorry 😦

Hey ya!

What be happening home dog? I really want to start this post off on the right page, and I think this is a good way to start it:

marina says (8:03 PM):
Random question of the day: If you could say anything to the world, what would you say?
M iz still cool, yo! says (8:03 PM):
“Don’t forget to be awesome.”

From now on, when I post a blog, I will have a random question of the day! Are you excited? I’m stoked! I will also answer this question. YAY FOR ADDING DEPTH TO THIS BLOG YO!!

This blog is so deep, isn’t it? I mean one minute I have you in tears and the next one I have you shizzing your pants with laughter.
Okay sorry that is a lie. If everything was rated from 1-5 feet deep instead of 1-5 stars my blog would probably have a 11 inches deepness rating. Sorry Kiddos, you know it’s true. Okay I know that’s a lie, I am in deed quite proud of this blog. But wouldn’t it be kind of somewhat awesome if serious things where rated in feet of deepness instead of stars? Stars are just so… universal. (pun intended)

Okay sorry, it’s already in this blog,
If you could say anything to the world right now, what would you say?

My answer was: Don’t forget to eat your cereal kiddos!

Now if I actually where to have the chance too say anything to the world, I would think of something more serious, but serious is not something provided here at my road. Yeah it is. I ‘ve had lots and tons of serious posts. Sushi up! Gah Okay, sorry your royal beastlyness.

SO OF COURSE!!!! The question of the day is also meant to be aimed at you commenters to be more involved! So INVOLVE YOUR SELF! Answer the question! If people like this enough I will also feature* a commenter’s answer on the next blog post! Are you stoked? I’m stoked

Okay, Love ya, Bye-Bye

p.s. I’m going to be on the Minnesota channel four WCCO news for my birthday tomorrow morning at around 6:30, so If you want, go and check that out. I will also give those who request it a link to it once it is posted on their website.


*This blog does not actually have enough viewers for this feature to bring you blog fame


My fingers itch to type. I have a dilemma. I don’t know what to type. I’m going to go babysit in 17 minutes, but that is boring. I turned in my (i picture the following said in an exited Marissa type voice) VERY FIRST JOB APPLICATION!!(end Marissa voice.) I could talk about the every so amazing music I am listening too. But no, none of that is interesting enough to fill a whole post of a blog!

I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! I will talk about snazzy made up words and phrases! One that I have been thinking about a lot lately is “world suck.” I don’t know why it has been occupying my mind so much lately, but I think that it just contains so much power in just two words. Then the word “readomattic.” This is the word that inspired this theme. It is on my little dashboard thing here on wordpress. Any word that has omattic added to the end just had the awesomeness increase 10 fold! How about the world snazzy? That is pretty snazzy in it self. I also love how my spell check is recognizing the word. This is the point in which I go on urbandictionary and look up snazzy:

a combination of snappy and jazzy. to show something’s just too hip for one word to contain it.

usually used by soccer moms and people that like to use really lame adjectives to describe things because no one else will.

guy1: so, you like my new pants? i think they’re snazzy.

Urbandictionary portrays this word as a bad word. What is wrong with soccer moms? And what you call “really lame adjectives,” just shows how “really lame” the author of that definition is. Don’t you agree? I agree.

I am now going to divert you too a different subject. Regular readers by now means that the post is coming to an end soon since my “different subjects” usually are short and pointless. Now hopefully the person in this picture won’t mind the posting of it:


This is from Nora’s birthday video that Marissa made. I took a screen shot, then edited the crap out of it. I think It turned out to look something along the lines of a 1990s cd cover? Which is pretty awesome, if you ask me. And if your a Curious George i used Gimp and Picasa to edit that. Both free to download, just google them!

-I’m now off to babysit!

p.s. my spell check recognizes snazzy nut not Google? FAIL!!!!

Yoo Hoo!

Today I had auditions for Prairie Fire, along with an hour of practice. Auditions went well. They where fun, like always. I was in the group who had to sing for auditions, and I BOMBED that part. I need to be able to hear myself, and we sang in a group, then went individually, and I was yet to hear myself, and was horrible. I ended up being the Maid (it’s beauty and the beast, if you weren’t aware.) I have  a total of six lines, plus some group lines, my solo lines being:

  • I’m sorry, your majesty, we tried to stop them!
  • I went to clean his room and the door was shut so I knocked and his fightening voice came through the door saying “CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGN?!” (Sees Beauty) OH!
  • Beauty…Miss Beauty…Miss Beauty…
  • I’m sorry, I was just trying to wake you.
  • Here is your cloak, Beauty!
  • Oh, Beauty, you are back, but I fear it may be too late!

I know some of them don’t make sense out of contact, but I’m not that ambitious. One of my close friend’s got the part of Beauty. She deserves it. I’m not all to disappointed in my role because I have seen the lead in the Spring Play last year play a role that is smaller than mine at Prairie Fire. All the parts except for the main are pretty small since we only have 2 days to memorize lines. So Yay! I will hopefully provide you with pictures soon!

p.s. updated categories. They aren’t so random. I don’t have everything organized into them yet, soon grasshopper, soon.


I’m in the mood for some omegle! I’ve never done an omegle blog before on My Road, so I’ll tell you the basics:

  • you talk to strangers

That is about the basics of it. It’s not as creepy as it sounds. It’s entertaining.


Stranger: hi
You: heyyya
Stranger: how are you?
You: good. you??
Stranger: im ok thank you
Stranger: where are you from
You: Nerdfighteria
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
awww What’s wrong with Nerdfigheria?

Stranger: supermac18?
You: That guy is amazing. but i am not him
Stranger: damn
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
They don’t know what they are missing!
I then have three conversations in a row where I ask “Do you happen to be a nerdfighter?” and the person leaves as soon as that is sent

You: Do you happen to be a nerdfighter?
Stranger: yes
You: amazing!
Stranger: lol yay
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
I think they forgot tba
Stranger: ?
You: don’t forget to be awesome!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
aww pore sole!

Stranger: hi
You: Ello9
Stranger: oops sorry
hahaha. what is oops?
Okay that’s about good for now. I think I keep getting the same pervert. I hope you enjoyed by omegle antics 😀
-Peace and I’m out
p.s. blog 5 days in the row ftw

G’day Mate!

I love digging up old keep sakes! They bring back such old good memorys. Today I found an old box that contained; a pokemon coin from 1999,
Pokemon Coin!

a ring with a 1907 (replicated) penny on it, and my old marble collection. But today I’m going to only touch on one of those subjects, being pokemon.

Pokemon used to me a very large part of my life. I got my first two decks from my Grandpa for Christmas in Kindergarten. I also got a Pokeball with a golden Pikachu card in it. I practiced setting up games on my little plastic mat and got anyone and everyone to play with me. I remember playing late into the night (at that time was probably around 8:30 pm) with our foreign exchange student, her using one deck and me using the other.

After awhile I lost the cards. Pokemon where out and Yugio was in, and no one wanted to play with me anymore. I never lost my passion for Pokemon, it just hibernated for awhile. I never got into Yugio, I didn’t like how expensive it got. I did however get into the Crazy Bone craze. Do any of you remember crazy bones? They where cheaply made plastic blobs with faces that you would flick at each other to knock the opponents down.

OKAY back to the Pokemon talk. My love was again rekindled when I bought the ruby version of the game boy advance pokemon game. I played it for hours. I would make new characters and start over, and just loved it! I brought my old cards back out of the closet and organized them since everyone was more interested in the video game then the card game. My love then again went into another hibernation.

After a move and a few more years I met a friend who loved pokemon. She had two decks and we would duel each other.  Once I got home I looked and looked for my old cards only to find them to of been lost during the move. I then went to the store and bought a starter pack and started to get my deck prepared for my next battle. I went to garage sales and bought some powerful trainers and bought mini card packs to add to my collection. I battled this friend several times over 3 years.

She has since moved away. I still have some Pokemon talks, and know the exact location of my cards, but haven’t pulled them out for a good dual very recently. Hopefully I will find another friend with my love for Pokemon and we can duel late into the hours of 8:30. 😀


p.s. when my spell check wants to correct pokemon, it has parachutist as an option. Oh spell checker, you have so much of awesome yet that isn’t in your dictionary!

p.p.s. Today I was at the store looking for games for my Gameboy Advance to find they are no longer manufactured! That is depressing!


So far this summer I’ve been sitting around doing a lot of nothing. I’m fine with that. The school year I am stressed and running around doing a million and two things, and the summer is a good time for me to just do nothing. The next two weeks are going to be chalked full of fun and doing things.

Next week I’m doing Prairie Children’s Theatre. It is a week long camp. On Monday there is auditions for the play, this year we are doing The Beauty and the Beast. Then Tuesday-Thursday is practice, along with Friday, where we also have a performance. On Saturday we have another performance. I am hoping to bring Carlos, one of the kids I babysit. His mom is trying to talk him into it, and he is such a ham and I know he would just love it! This will be my 4th year doing this camp. I’ve done Beauty and the Beast once before, Cinderella, and Aladdin. Last year it was Alice in Wonderland but I was not in it due to a family wedding, in California. Cinderella was the last one I was in and I had my own line in the program, so I’m hoping to get an even larger part this year. A lot of the older experienced teens aren’t doing it this year since most of them have all ready done it. I will probably be one of the older ones there this year. It is open for Adults to 6 year olds, but it’s more 6-16 year old who go out in our town.

My birthday is also on Thursday of next week and I will hopefully be having a birthday dinner with my mom and one of my best friends. I’ll be 16, but we’re not doing much, which I’m okay with.

The week after that we are leaving on Sunday for a 5 day camping trip. This is kinda for my birthday, but also just since we haven’t done much camping yet this year. We have bought some more fishing equipment to do some “serious” fishing from a canoe, so that will be exiting.

Well that’s all I have to say! I will hopefully get a chance to update you sometime in the next week! If not tomorrow!

-Aste la vista baby!


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